Saturday, April 10, 2010

Caleb 6 months old and Family Easter Pictures

Caleb turned 6 months on March 24th. He is getting so big so fast. He laughs and giggles all the time. We also took our family Easter pictures as well. We had a lot of fun with Hale Photography taking our pictures. Morgan did an amazing job.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yay for Highchair!!

Mid March, Joe got the highchair out of the garage, cleaned it and now Caleb gets to eat in his highchair. Lucas loves eating with brother at the table in his booster chair. These two boys are going to be inseperable. Lucas loves to be everywhere that Caleb is and Caleb loves his brother Lucas. Caleb is getting so big! He is now eating baby food and loving it!!

Silly Lucas

Lucas makes us laugh all the time. Below are some pictures of him being silly. The first set is of him playing in the Dryer. He thought it would be funny to hop in the dryer and play around. He was making funny faces and being a charachter. The second group of pictures is Lucas playing in the clothes basket. He loves to help mommy fold and put away the clothes. Then afterwards he loves to play in the basket. The last group of pictures is him wearing his "Mickey Mouse" underwear on his head and arms. He loves his Mickey Mouse underwear and loves wearing them all the time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cute pictures of Caleb

What a Character!

For Valentines Day Lucas got some heart shaped stickers and thought it would be funny to put them all over his face. He is so funny. He does things throughout the day that always crack us up. He is such a Character!!!

Joe cuts Lucas' hair for the 1st time!!!

Joe decided to buy some shears and start cutting Lucas' hair himself. Lucas did very good in sitting still in his booster chair the entire time. Joe did a great job with his hair!! Now we will save $15 everytime Lucas needs a hair cut. Our little boy is growing so fast.